Hunter I50 Rotor 100Mm (4") Bsp 1" Part And Full Circle Model With Stainless Steel Riser Optional Opposing Nozzles

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The I-50 large turf rotor is built to conquer the most demanding conditions. The powerful internal drive mechanism and versatile arc adjustment style are derived from Hunter’s time-proven golf rotors, so you can ensure top performance in any application.

The I-50 has a durable, stainless steel riser and colour-coded nozzles to simplify maintenance and identification in the field. The rotor pushes past the challenges of poor water quality and harsh soil conditions by stopping internal and external debris infiltration that can cause other rotors to perform less than their very best.

To prevent non-rotation, the robust planetary gear drive of the I-50 offers the highest torque output on the market. In addition, the long-lasting, reliable drive mechanism prevents failures that could create maintenance delays.

  • Extra-strong, non-strippable, planetary gear drive mechanism is reliable and durable in harsh water conditions

  • Tool-free, part- and full-circle arc adjustment mechanism makes fast, easy installation and reduces inventory (60° to 360°)

  • Colour-coded nozzles make identification easy

  • Available opposing nozzle model for even watering in full-circle applications (I-50-ON model)

  • Drain check valve prevents low-head drainage (up to 4.5 m of elevation)