Hunter X2 Wand Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Module For Hydrawise Water Management Software (Sold Separate From Controllers)

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This Wi-Fi upgrade option equips X2 controllers with remote management

capabilities from anywhere with an internet connection.


  • Simple plug-in Wi-Fi option for any X2 controller model for online irrigation management

  • Provides online irrigation management with controller status and faulty wiring alerts

  • Standard programming allows for 3 independent programs with 6 start times per program and 24-hour maximum run times

  • Copy and paste Hydrawise scheduling to any X2 controller for full schedule set up in seconds

  • Use your smartphone as a manual remote when Wi-Fi is unavailable or the controller is hard to access

  • Increase water savings by adding Hydrawise to your X2 controller

  • Bluetooth Wi-Fi setup, Wi-Fi direct, or WPS push-button connection




    Contractor Management System

    Hydrawise software provides the ultimate irrigation and customer management solution without having to visit the site.

    Try Hydrawise software today, hardware-free at

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    Entry-Level Smart Solution

    X2 is a dial-based controller upgradeable to Wi-Fi with the WAND module.

    Indoor/outdoor combined models with pigtail

    Backlit display

    Short-circuit protection and QuickCheckTM for faulty field wiring

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    ROAM or ROAM XL capable

    Secure hasp-style lock option

    Wi-Fi status LED

    WAND Module Control

    4-, 6-, 8-, and 14-station counts

    Rain-ClikTM, Freeze-ClikTM or Soil-ClikTM capable

    Molded conduit receptacle for faster wiring, plus two more conduit knockouts

    Proven Water Saver with Predictive WateringTM

    Hydrawise software combines internet weather adjustments with Virtual Solar Sync daily ET measurement from weather stations for water savings up to 50% vs. a non-adjusted controller.


    Smart Home Voice Control

    The controller is fully compatible with Amazon AlexaTM, Control4 ®, and HomeSeer ® home automation systems.

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    X2TM & WAND

    Meet the solution for cost-sensitive projects requiring 14 zones or fewer


    1 Challenge: Newly constructed homes typically lack on-site Wi-Fi access until

    the homeowner moves in, rendering Wi-Fi controllers impractical.

    Solution: X2 functions as a standalone controller or as a Wi-Fi controller by adding a WAND module anytime.

    2 Challenge: Tract housing developments typically have identical landscapes so irrigation schedules are all the same.

    Solution: Minimise setup time by using the WAND module to program a schedule once. Then insert the WAND into any X2 to transfer the full irrigation schedule in seconds.

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    • Get a clear picture of controller activity in the event log, such as faulty wiring issues, program changes, and watering events.

    • Save time at the jobsite by attaching your site plans to the controller. This allows you to quickly locate piping and valves.

    • Compatible with HindSite® service software for customer alerts, marketing, and billing management. Learn more at